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Mucinex now has a powerful cough and cold fighting liquid in its lineup, and it is called Mucinex FastMax. For years people who use Mucinex have been asking for a Mucinex liquid, and now there is not one but four different formulations of Mucinex in a liquid form . Mucinex Fast-Max liquid brings all of the ingredients from the tablets and in some formulations they combine them with something new to provide superior relief from your worst cough and cold symptoms. Now let’s take a closer look at what makes Mucinex Fast-Max so special, and what special Mucinex Ingredients are used to make the specialized formulations of FastMax.

You may be thinking why use Mucinex FastMax, and that is a great question you may ask as you look at the full lineup of Mucinex at your local pharmacy. Unlike regular Mucinex pills the lineup of Mucinex Fast-Max has specific ingredients that are tailor made to help you with the four most common cough and cold symptoms. Mucinex Fast-Max has 4 different formulations to choose from, and each dose is listed to provide four hours of relief from. Let’s examine them in a little bit more detail below.

Liquid Mucinex Fast-Max Formulations:

Mucinex Fast-Max DM Max – This is a great solution to help control your cough, alleviate chest congestion, and break up mucus. It combines the traditional Mucinex DM ingredients in a liquid form so you get all of the benefits of the original Mucinex DM, but no longer have to take those big tablets anymore.

Mucinex Fast-Max Severe Congestion and Cough – If you are in need to break up some serious chest congestion Severe Congestion and Cough blends several medications together to give you relief. This blend of Mucinex ingredients breaks up mucus, relieves nasal and chest congestion, and helps tame your cough.

Mucinex Fast-Max Cold and Sinus – This is a great choice if you are suffering from headache and fever along with congestion. The medications blended into this formulation help get rid of your headache and fever as well as break up mucus and congestion.

Mucinex Fast-Max Cold, Flu and Sore Throat – So you have the worst cold and flu symptoms well this is made specifically for you. This contains everything you need to help reduce fever, sooth a sore throat, break up congestion and relieve that stubborn nasal congestion.

As you are now fully aware of the power of Mucinex Fastmax, and how Mucinex Fast-Max can relieve all the different cold and flu combinations the germ world can throw at you. So the next time you are in need of relief look near the Mucinex at your local pharmacy and make sure you give strong consideration to the brand new Mucinex Fast-Max lineup.

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